Ping An Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform

User Research/Interaction Design/Visual Design

Ping An Pu Hui is  member of China Ping An Insurance Co., Ltd., focusing on providing financial service for individuals and small & micro enterprises. After ten years’ development, it has become the largest financial service provider. TCG worked together with Ping An Pu Hui to design the one-stop mobile platform for investment & financing & Consuming.

Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform

 One-Stop Investment & Financing & Consuming Platform

  • At the age of mobile internet, user’s investment, financing and consuming activities has shown a dramatic tendency of moving to mobile equipment. Therefore, this mobile platform plays a crucial role in our client’s product & service strategy.
  • We believe successful design start with deep understanding and insight of the client’s business demand, industry condition and user needs. Thus, we establish a close co-innovation relationship with our client. After a lot of communication and discussion, and the in-depth research & analysis of the target user, we defined the strategic positioning of the product: a safe, convenient and comprehensive one-stop investment & financing & consuming platform for individuals and small & micro enterprise
Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform

Discover User Demand and Define Core Functions

  • We defined three major functions of this platform: investment, financing and consumption. The entrances of these functions are displayed at the most prominent position of the homepage, which are clear and easy to use.
  • Users can also personalize the shortcut entrances of the bottom half based on their own needs
Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform

Make It Clear and Simple

  • As a comprehensive platform, this app includes a large number of feature, which inevitably increase the complexity of usage. Thus, the focus of our design is to balance the user needs and business needs, reasonably organize and prioritize the features and content, simplify the task flows, create effective, efficient and pleasurable experience.
  • During our design process, we conducted a lot of competitive product analysis, create several design concept, and test them among target users and stakeholders, continuously improve the design solution. Besides, the scalability of this platform is also considered.
Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform
Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform
Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform

Color Scheme

  • Considering the branding color of Ping AN, the nature of the product and the aesthetic preference of target users, we choose three main color to distinguish the three core functions
Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform

Icon and Style

We followed the flat design principle to quickly convey information, reduce user’s cognitive load, and make the page load faster and resize easily

Pu Hui Internet Banking Platform
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