H5 Interactive Game for Novartis Annual Meeting

Interaction Design / Visual Design / Motion Design

Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. This project is the design of a HTML5 interactive game for Novartis’s annual party in 2015.

In order to meet the lively and relaxing atmosphere of the annual party, this game is designed to be interactive and engaging, so as to warm the employees up for the party.

Design Principles

H5 Interactive Game for Novartis

The activities include online quiz and offline games. Since the three tasks are distributed in the hotel, we need to make the mobile phone be the participant’s guide for the activities and the game console, which could coordinate with the desktop for a smooth multi-screen interactive experience. By offering the participants rewards in short intervals, we could make them enthusiastic about the game. Besides, we use the form of city map to represent different tasks, which provides the participants a friendly and amusing interface.

H5 Interactive Game for Novartis


At the beginning of the game, the participants are divided into groups by the “Shaking” function of Wechat, three of them become a team.

H5 Interactive Game for Novartis


There are three offline tasks, the staff are responsible for assisting the participants to finish the tasks. The participants could use their mobile phone to interact with the desktop and large screen.

H5 Interactive Game for Novartis


By completing the tasks, the participants could get rewards and score, their scores are displayed on the large screen. This game serves as a warm-up for the party, while it can also help the participants review the knowledge of Novartis’s products.

H5 Interactive Game for Novartis
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