We are expert of user experience and service design

In 2002, HUAYI Studio (UK, Germany) was founded in London. Through 12 years design work in Internet industry, it is regrouped as TCG (Touchpoints Consultant Group), headquartered in the UK, with branch offices in Germany and China.

We offer design service of mobile applications, websites, software and other digital product, experience strategy consultancy, service design, brand design, etc.



We have experts from different countries and backgrounds, such as design, software technology, strategy and research, who bring a wealth of experience and multiple perspectives to our work.

We are active and deep thinkers, passionate and creative designers. We can conduct rigorous user & market research, come up with insightful and reliable conclusions, but also can break the routine and make innovative design.

We are highly responsible and always willing to communicate positively. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you.

  • Bing Lu
    Bing Lu Brand Director
  • Caven Liu
    Caven Liu Lead Visual Designer
  • Charlotte Li
    Charlotte Li Client Partner
  • Coen Wang
    Coen Wang Art Director
  • Iris Yuan
    Iris Yuan Creative Director
  • Jane Crouch
    Jane Crouch Business Director
  • Jingjing Dou
    Jingjing Dou Business Director
  • Cathy Cai
    Cathy Cai Finance Manager
  • Peng Xie
    Peng Xie Chief Technology Officer
  • Elaine Ma
    Elaine Ma Human Resource Manager
  • Will Hall
    Will Hall Chief Creative Officer
  • Xiaoman Zhang
    Xiaoman Zhang Art Consultant
  • Xue Tian
    Xue Tian Lead Visual Designer
  • Yi Xiong
    Yi Xiong Chief Experience Officer


We think design comprehensively from business, technology and user perspectives.

We design products and services not only for the functionality and usability , but also for the positive emotion.

We are aimed at helping our customers to create innovative, competitive and sustainable products and services, and gain new business value.

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