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TCG (Touchpoints Consultant Group) is an international innovative design consulting agency, with branch offices located in UK, Germany and China(Shanghai, Beijing & Shijiazhuang). We provide experience and service design to bring our customers product & business innovation, and create new value.

Experience design
Experience design

Based on the in-depth research on user cognition and behavior, combining creative design thinking , we produce great products and experience that meet the functional and emotional demands of user, as well as enhance business profits for our customers

Experience Strategy
Experience Strategy

In the Internet age, the relationship between brands, products, services and users are getting increasingly close. Deep insight of user demands and experience trend could create more innovation opportunities for companies With the professional and forward-looking perspective, we provide experience strategy consulting service to help customers improve efficiency, win users and achieve success

Service design
Service design

Service design is aimed at creating useful, usable and desirable service for users, as well as effective , efficient and distinctive service for organizations, so as to produce better experience and deliver more positive value. It is a new design field based on systematic integration and interdisciplinary cooperation

Research and insight

Define target users;Research on user behavior, cognition, attitudes, motivation, demands and aesthetic preference;Research on product and market;Research on design trend

Concept and planning

We integrate business requirements, user needs and industry trend, explore product opportunities, determine product functions and task flows, so as to design viable and innovative product concept


Interaction design
Visual design
Dynamic and sound design
Usability test
Service design
Brand design

Front-end development and technical support

Build website with PHP, .net, JS, HTML5, etc.; Perform page maintenance and performance optimisation; Based on product logic, develop platform for front-end management which could implement content input, operation and exchange & save with the database; iOS & Android native APP development; Hybrid APP development.

Communication and cooperation

  • We pay great attention on close and deep communication with our customers. We believe co-innovation and mutual trust are the foundation of great innovation

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